One Percent for Culture

One Percent for Culture Coalition Continues to Build Momentum


One Percent for Culture Coalition Continues to Build Momentum

28 new partners have joined the coalition since Feb. 21

Campaign seeks to generate support for an increase in the citys financial commitment to the 1,300+ cultural organizations in the five New York City boroughs

Coalition has grown to 332;
more than 25,000 New Yorkers have signed the appeal


New York, NY - March 22, 2013 The One Percent for Culture campaign welcomes the support of the 28 new coalition partners that have joined the campaign since Feb 21.

The coalition of cultural, business, civic leaders and artists throughout all five boroughs has grown to 332 members who are seeking a commitment from the city to ensure that the citys 1,300-plus non-profit cultural organizations across all five boroughs receive one percent of the municipal expense budget annually. More than 25,000 New Yorkers have already signed the One Percent for Culture appeal in support of investment in cultural organizations.

The 28 new members of the One Percent for Culture coalition are: Artefacting; Bronx Art Space; Bronx Bricks, LLC; Bronx River Sankofa; Dutch Kills Civic Association; FitzgeraldArt; Food Karma Projects; Fridends of the Queens Library at Hunters Point; Good Beer Seal; Heritage Radio Network; Human Impacts Institute; Kairos Italy Theater; LaGuardia Performing Arts Center; Long Island City Family Daycare; Madrid & Associates; Mare Nostrum Elements; Mari Meade Dance Collective; Mid Bronx CCRP ECC #3; Musiquarium, Inc.; MYO Holdings LLC; Opus Dance Theatre & Community Services, Inc.; Post Literate Productions; Rising Phoenix Repertory; Sackett Bar; Souleo Enterprises, LLC; Uranium Productions; Variations Theatre Group; The Wilders Group, Inc.

One Percent for Cultures coalition grows every week as cultural organizations, businesses, and civic and social service organizations add their voices in support of an increase in city funding for culture, said Heather Woodfield, Executive Director One Percent for Culture. Our coalition partners understand that nonprofit culture supports the city in many ways by providing economic benefit while enhancing the quality life in our communities.

One Percent for Culture is an unprecedented collaboration across New York Citys cultural and business communities aimed at educating New Yorkers about the value of non-profit culture to New York City. Nearly 24 million tourists are drawn to the citys world-class cultural offerings each year. Non-profit culture creates more than 120,000 jobs and generates $8.1 billion in economic activity according to the latest data from the Municipal Art Society. Despite the measurable value of culture to the citys fiscal health, non-profit cultural organizations currently receive less than one-fourth of one percent of the overall city expense budget.

New York City is home to more than 1,300 cultural organizations and thousands of artists. These organizations and individuals create jobs, attract customers to merchants, and generate revenue for small businesses. They stimulate the minds of the citizens and tourists and provide vital supplemental education to millions of New York City students. New York City's cultural community is a broad spectrum that includes performing arts centers, art galleries, dance troupes, orchestras, non-profit theater companies, museums, community arts programs, zoos, and more.

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