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Talking Transition - Citywide Conversation about NYC's Future


For the first time in 12 years New York City has a new mayor. NYC has begun a transition period until Mayor-elect de Blasios inauguration on January 1, 2014. To take advantage of this opportunity, a tent has been pitched in Soho, launching a citywide conversation called "Talking Transition" and One Percent for Culture has two programs at the tent on Canal and 6th Avenue. Join us on Friday at 11am for Building Interagency Cultural Partnerships and on Wednesday at 6:30pm for Emerging Leaders of New York Arts presents: An Open Letter to the Mayor-Elect co-sponsored by One Percent for Culture.

One Percent for Culture's Talking Transition Events

Friday, November 22 11am - 12pm
Building Interagency Cultural Partnerships
One Percent for Culture
An interactive discussion on how we can create interagency partnerships to support the nonprofit cultural community and artists. We will explore how such partnerships can serve as a model for broader interagency cooperation. Participants and moderators will be given challenges in the form of game cards and have an opportunity to offer their ideas for interagency partnerships.
Moderators: Heather Woodfield, Executive Director, One Percent for Culture, Randall Bourscheidt, President Emeritus, Alliance for the Arts, and Jennifer Wright Cook, Executive Director, The Field with additional moderators TBA.
Location: Breakout Room, Talking Transition at Canal Street and 6th Avenue

Wednesday, November 20 at 6:30PM:
Emerging Leaders of New York Arts presents: An Open Letter to the Mayor-Elect
Emerging Leaders of New York Arts (ELNYA) with co-sponsor One Percent for Culture
Whether the arts are your profession, your passion, or both, we invite you to a collaborative brainstorm for ELNYA's Open Letter to the new administration with recommendations on how to best serve NYC's cultural sector and community. We strongly encourage those that have hosted and/or attended other Talking Transition cultural programming to join in order to share the outcomes that emerged from these conversations.
**Panelists Include: Caron Atlas, Director of the Arts & Democracy Project & Co-Director of NOCD-NY (Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts) and Jackie Miller, Artistic Director of Only Make Believe & ELNYA Board Member.
Location: Breakout Room, Talking Transition at Canal Street and 6th Avenue

Talking Transition runs from 9AM-9PM on Canal Street and Sixth Avenue from November 6 to 23. The tent provides a place for all New Yorkers to make their voice heard on the issues they believe are important and should be a priority. Topics such as culture, education, and jobs are being highlighted.

Mobile tents are also making their way around the 5 boroughs of New York City, ensuring everybody has a chance to voice their ideas and concerns. Our new mayor will be representing the 8.3 million people who call the largest city in America home. To do that, he must listen to what we have to say.

A number of our Coalition Partners are hosting events including New York Foundation for the Arts on 11/16, No Longer Empty on 11/18, and the Municipal Art Society on November 19.

Details on their events are below.

The full schedule of Transition Talks events and activities along with the mobile tent routes and an online survey are available on the Talking Transition Website.

Talking Transition Events on Culture and Other Talking Transition Events lead by out Coalition Partners:

November 14, 15, 18, 19, and 21 at 4:00
November 16, 17, and 20 at 12:00:
Community Mural Painting
Join Groundswell, New Yorks leading organization dedicated to community public art, for hands-on mural painting alongside our teen artists. Pick up your paintbrush and help us illustrate how arts and culture can create a more just and equitable city for all New Yorkers.

November 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22 3:30pm
November 15 4:30pm
November 18 4pm
November 20 3:00pm
Tunes in the Tent
Center for Traditional Music and Dance
Enjoy musical acts from the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD), an organization that works in partnership with New York City's immigrant communities to help them maintain the vitality of their performing arts traditions and share them with the general public.

Saturday, November 16 at 11:00am:
Dancewave: Talking Culture with the New Administration
Come and enjoy a performance and conversation with Dancewave Company, a pre-professional company of city teens who have the opportunity to train with and learn from renowned choreographers.

Saturday, November 16 at 4:30:
Keeping NYC the Art Capital of the World
New York Foundation for the Arts
Explore the role of the artist in the context of New York City, taking a close look at what the artist gains from being in this city, and how the city benefits.

Monday, November 18 at 3:30:
BEYOND ACCESS: (Re)creating a Cultural Capital for All New Yorkers
No Longer Empty
New York City has a rich history of providing culture to all its citizens, and a reputation as a cultural capital. Join us for a lively dialogue around the role that arts and culture play in a democratic society, how NYC benefits from its status, and what access to the arts truly means.

Tuesday, November 19 at 12:30:
MAS Hosts: Rethinking City Building: New Priorities for Zoning and Preservation
Municipal Arts Society
New York is a city of rapid change known for its innovation, dynamism and industry, yet it continues to use a zoning ordinance developed over 50 years ago to shape its future. The citys zoning resolution determines where people can live and work, and helps preserve iconic structures like Grand Central and the High Line. It also defines where new buildings can be built and how large they can be while influencing their shape and use. With so much of the citys livability riding on a single document, isnt it time to rethink how to best plan for a 21st century New York?

Tuesday, November 19 at 5:00:
Arts and Culture as Part of a Just and Equitable New York
Arts & Democracy Project, Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts New York
Join us for a lively interactive discussion on how arts and culture will be part of a just and equitable New York City.

Thursday, November 21st at 4:30:
Protecting the Waterfront and Revitalizing it for Fun, Recreation, Commerce, and Transportation
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
Contribute ideas to the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliances widely-praised Waterfront Policy Platform to help inform the potential waterfront development policies of the new mayor.

Friday, November 22nd at 2:30:
Thrive in Queens
Noguchi Museum
Check back soon for more info!

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