One Percent for Culture

City Council Response to The Budget Asks to "Support Arts and Culture" with $40M increase


Supports Arts and Culture

"New York City is the cultural capital of the world. New Yorks arts and culture are integral to furthering the aspirations of our citys youth and it is crucial that the youth get an art-rich education. Not only do the cultural institutions and organizations draw, and inspire millions of people they are also a medium of economic development for the City.

Hence the.the Council would like the Administration to invest in the culture and arts by increasing funding for arts and culture by $40 million. The funding would be split between Cultural Institution Group members and small community-based nonprofit cultural organizations throughout the city. Funding will support additional programs that will reach individuals in all five boroughs and will enrich the lives of artists, students, seniors and all New Yorkers. Currently funded organizations will be able to sustain and grow and new organizations will be accessible to New Yorkers to benefit from. To ensure that world- class art is available to maximum New Yorkers, the Council urges the administration to increase the funding to allow our future generations to continue to access and benefit from the rich culture of New York City."

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